Investment case

Investing in Vertiseit

Vertiseit is well-positioned as a market leader in Europe, with the ambition of becoming the world’s #1 platform company within Digital In-store. Vertiseit is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has delivered sequential ARR growth every quarter for more than a decade. Growth has been accomplished through a combination of stable organic growth and selected acquisitions – always under profitability.

Customer satisfaction and long-term relationships have been key enablers. The company executes on its strategy with focus on global expansion and scalability. This is achieved through a clear partner strategy and a focus on software, where a growing portion of SaaS revenue gradually drives increased profitability and robust cash flows. Several of the company’s top executives are long-term major shareholders.

Investment highlights

  • Leading SaaS company within Digital In-store
  • Sequential ARR growth every quarter for more than a decade
  • Strong organic growth during profitability
  • Focus on global expansion and scalability
  • Increasing share of SaaS revenue, now exceeding 50 percent
  • Key executives and institutional investors among the major shareholders