Vertiseit completes a directed new share issue and receives approximately 71.8 MSEK



Vertiseit AB (publ) ("Vertiseit" or the "Company") has today, based on the authorisation from the Annual General Meeting on May 2, 2024, decided on a directed new share issue of 1,796,165 B-shares at a subscription price of 40 SEK per B-share (the "Issue"). Through the Issue, the Company receives approximately 71.8 MSEK before deduction for issue costs. The Issue has been directed to a limited number of primarily institutional investors, including four existing shareholders. The Company also announces that insiders in the Company and a number of employees, in connection with the execution of the Issue, have sold a total of 1,182,168 B-shares for approximately 47.3 MSEK to the subscribers in the Issue.

The Issue
The Board of Vertiseit has today decided to carry out a directed new share issue of 1,796,165 B-shares at a subscription price of 40 SEK per B-share, which will provide the Company with approximately 71.8 MSEK before transaction costs. The issue, which has been carried out through a so-called bookbuilding procedure, was decided based on the authorisation from the Annual General Meeting on May 2, 2024. The issue is primarily directed at institutional investors. New shareholders include Andra AP-fonden, Bonnier Capital, and NEA Partners. Among existing shareholders, Alcur Fonder, Grenspecialisten, KL Capital and Nordea Fonder participated.

The subscription price represents a discount of approximately 2.7% against the closing price of the Company's B-shares on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market on May 21, 2024. The subscription price was determined through extensive arm's length negotiations between the subscribers and the Company's financial advisor. Against this background, the Board's assessment is that the subscription price reflects prevailing demand and market conditions and is therefore considered to be market-based.

The issue will increase the number of shares in Vertiseit from 21,116,747 to 22,912,912, divided into 2,429,510 A-shares and 20,483,402 B-shares. The Company's share capital will increase from 1,055,837.35 SEK to 1,145,645.60 SEK. The issue results in a dilution of approximately 7.8 percent of the number of shares and approximately 4.1 percent of the number of votes in Vertiseit. Changes are based on the number of outstanding shares in the Company after the subscription of shares supported by warrants of series TO 3A that have been allocated but not yet registered.

Purpose and Use of Proceeds
Through the Issue, the Company broadens and strengthens its shareholder base with more well-reputed, financially strong, and long-term investors who may support the Company's continued growth. Additionally, the Company's balance sheet is strengthened through the Issue, providing opportunities for the Company to execute potential acquisitions. The proceeds will also enable the Company to repay parts of existing interest-bearing loans, thereby minimising external interest costs.

Reasons for Deviating from Shareholders' Preferential Rights
The Board has considered the possibility of raising the necessary capital through a rights issue and has concluded that there are several reasons why it is currently more advantageous for the Company and its shareholders to raise capital through a directed new share issue compared to a rights issue. A rights issue would take significantly longer to complete and pose a higher risk of a negative impact on the share price, especially in light of the current volatile and challenging market conditions. Conducting a directed new share issue can be done at a lower issuance cost and with less complexity than a rights issue. Furthermore, the Board believes that a directed new share issue provides an opportunity to further diversify and strengthen the Company's shareholder base with institutional investors to increase liquidity in the Company's shares. The Board's assessment, given the current market environment, is therefore that an issue deviating from the shareholders' preferential rights, with the flexibility it entails, is the most appropriate option as it allows the Company to raise capital in a time- and cost-effective manner and on favorable terms for the Company's continued development and intended acquisition strategy.

Comment from the CEO

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the transaction and the positive interest shown in Vertiseit. It is particularly gratifying that both existing owners and new strategically important partners want to join us on our continued journey. The capital injection moves the company towards a net cash position and ensures that we stand well-prepared for future acquisitions,” comments Johan Lind, CEO, Vertiseit

Comment from Bonnier Capital

“Vertiseit represents a compelling investment for Bonnier Capital, aligning perfectly with our interest in the future of commerce, by enabling a seamless customer journey that effectively integrates digital and physical interactions,” comments Victor Bodin, Investment Director, Bonnier Capital

Shareholder Transactions
In connection with the Issue, major shareholders Johan Lind, Jonas Lagerqvist, Oskar Edespong, Emil Kihlberg, and Adrian Nelje are selling a total of 712,000 B-shares, equivalent to an amount of approximately 28.5 MSEK. These sales were conducted parallel to the Issue and represent approximately 10 percent of each shareholder’s holding before the sale.
Additionally, several employees of the Company, other than the major shareholders named above, have sold a total of 470,168 B-shares, which were acquired through the exercise of warrants received under the incentive program TO 3A, to the institutional investors in connection with the Issue.

Transaction in Total
The entire transaction amounts to approximately 119 MSEK, of which the Company receives approximately 86.6 MSEK before transaction costs. The components consist of: 1) directed new share issue of 71.8 MSEK, providing the Company with approximately 71.6 MSEK before transaction costs; 2) sale of existing shares amounting to approximately 25.9 MSEK; and 3) sale of shares acquired through the exercise of warrants under the incentive program TO 3A amounting to approximately 21.3 MSEK, providing the Company with approximately 14.8 MSEK before transaction costs. The outcome of the warrant program TO 3A was announced on May 22, 2024.

Redeye AB is the Sole Manager and Bookrunner, Carnegie is the financial advisor and issuing agent for Vertiseit in connection with the warrants of series TO 3A, and CMS Wistrand is the legal advisor to Vertiseit in connection with the Issue.

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 Jonas Lagerqvist

Jonas Lagerqvist

Deputy CEO / CFO