Vertiseit implements new group structure and brand platform to facilitate international growth


In October 2021, Vertiseit AB (publ) presented a new group structure and an updated strategy for international growth, with the long-term goal to become the global number one platform company within Digital In-store. The structure is now being implemented, where Vertiseit AB is a pure holding company while its operating activities are integrated with Grassfish. Together, Grassfish and Dise represent the market brands of the new Vertiseit group operated as separate subsidiaries.

“The new group structure supports global scalability and our accelerated acquisition agenda, making room for organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions. We are now well positioned towards reaching our long-term goal of becoming the number one global Digital In-store platform by 2026”, Johan Lind, CEO at Vertiseit, comments.

The Vertiseit group
The parent company of the group, Vertiseit AB, is now a pure holding company within Retail Tech aiming to acquire and develop SaaS companies with a focus on Digital In-store and customer experience. Together with its current subsidiaries Grassfish and Dise, the group offers SaaS platforms for Digital In-store and related consulting services. The group’s customers consist of global brands and leading retailers, using Digital In-store solutions to enable a seamless customer journey by bridging the digital and physical customer meeting.

Grassfish is a Digital In-store company, with the mission to enable extraordinary customer experiences every day. The company’s business idea is to offer platform and expertise to empower brands to deliver outstanding customer experiences. With the company’s new brand platform, and strengthened by the integration of Vertiseit’s operating activities, Grassfish takes the next step towards becoming the global market leader within Digital In-store.

Dise is a subsidiary of Vertiseit providing an intuitive Digital In-store platform, tailored to enhance the customer experience in retail. Through its worldwide partner network Dise delivers a powerful SaaS platform to leading brands and retailers.

The new group structure enables a high acquisition rate of both independent and complementary acquisitions to Grassfish and Dise.

 Jonas Lagerqvist

Jonas Lagerqvist

Deputy CEO / CFO