Vertiseit’s subsidiary Grassfish wins tender for Skånetrafiken


Vertiseit, through its subsidiary Grassfish, has been reappointed to deliver Infotainment solutions to Skånetrafiken. Following a tender process, a decision has been made to assign Grassfish the contract, which extends over a maximum of six years and has an expected contract value of 12.5 million SEK per year.

After a tender process, Skånetrafiken has decided to award Grassfish the assignement of providing and managing Content Management and Infotainment. The assignment runs for a maximum of six years, with an expected contract value of 12.5 million SEK per year during the contract period.

Grassfish has an existing agreement with Skånetrafiken regarding a full-service commitment for Infotainment, hardware, and installation services. In the upcoming assignment, Grassfish will focus on the delivery of its In-store Experience Management (IXM) platform. Meanwhile, hardware, installation, and support will be provided by Grassfish's partner and subcontractor, Journeo Group, through the Danish ITS operation (Intelligent Transport Solutions) that Vertiseit divested in 2023. A partnership fully in line with Vertiseit's Platform First strategy with a focus on delivering the company's SaaS platforms, together with partners.

“We are proud that Skånetrafiken once again appoints Grassfish as partner and platform provider to enhance the experience for travellers in the region. During the coming contract period, we are pleased that we will work in a strategic partnership with Journeo, who adds industry-specific expertise within ITS. By this, we can focus on our software delivery together with the Infotainment concept,” comments Ann Hjelte, CEO of Grassfish.

Skånetrafiken is an administration within Region Skåne, with a mission to offer sustainable journeys for everyone living, working and traveling in the region of Skåne.

Grassfish is a wholly-owned subsidiary within the Vertiseit group, Europe's leading platform company within Digital In-store.

Skånetrafiken is an existing customer of Grassfish. The assignment referred to, runs until maximum 2030, with an expected contract value of 12.5 million SEK per year. The new agreement is expected to have a positive impact on the group's ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and profit for the current year by approximately 2 million SEK.

 Jonas Lagerqvist

Jonas Lagerqvist

Deputy CEO / CFO